Going Up?

Quinntessential Media and its strategic partners –Executive Media Communications
(EMC), and Thundershot Studios- are a diverse and successful team that thrives on
results. Each partner brings different expertise that has generated results for B2B,
B2G,G2G, B2C, and non-profit clients.

We live and breathe the media business and will utilize our track record and 150
years combined experience  to think outside the box. We do this  by providing a
deep well of expertise that you are unlikely to have in-house to  achieve your key

Our team brings years of experience in planning, negotiating, and implementing
integrated campaigns in traditional, digital and social media.

Our combined experience includes Radio and Television station management,
marketing for Fortune 500 companies, event planning and marketing, professional
sports sponsorships, consumer promotions, and producing live radio and television

We have strong, long-standing, executive level relationships with media outlets both
locally and nationally.

We can take your "elevator pitch" and effectively deliver it across
multiple broadcast, cable, outdoor and digital platforms.


Media Strategy & Buying
Programmatic Marketing
Media Relations
Publicity & Consumer Promotions
Creative: Broadcast, Digital, Outdoor
Quinntessential Media } Messaging delivered.
John Quinn
Quinntessential Media, LLC

Quinntessential Media
John Quinn
Quinntessential Media, LLC
  • We have strong and long-lasting relationships
    with media outlets both locally and nationally.

  • Our media professionals are highly specialized
    media planning, production and placement. We
    are well-versed in radio, television, print, digital,
    social media, and outdoor advertising.

  • As a group, we establish clear goals, monitor
    performance as well as results treating every
    dollar invested on our clients’ behalf as if it
    were our own.
Why Hire Quinntessential Media?  
Our Team Is Well-Versed In:
  • Creating fresh, clear, and memorable ways to tell
    your story using a creative team, while maintaining
    constant client communication.

  • Evaluating, negotiating, implementing and optimizing
    integrated campaigns.

  • Analyzing client sales and other performance metrics
    to ensure all campaign tactics are meeting client

  • Managing numerous programmatic display and
    social media campaigns.

  • Buying in-depth through DSPs and SSPs.
  • Providing combined research and planning
    capabilities and unmatched negotiation skills to
    develop unique, cost-effective solutions.

  • Utilizing leading media research tools (e.g. Nielsen,
    Scarborough, SQUAD, Simmons, Brand Tracker,
    Claritas and DCM).

  • Implementing on-going in-flight analysis of media
    placement -100% posting on every flight.

  • Reconciling all media elements, including ratings,
    post analysis and billing.
Navigating the Media Maze:
Radio is the best medium for frequency. It performs
well when promoting a time-sensitive event.
Social Media
What is Digital Media?
It is a form of advertising that runs over the
Internet (desktop, mobile, tablet, Smart TV).

This media can be purchased directly through
web sites or 3rd Party Exchanges.

Quinntessential Media purchases digital
display media programmatically.

Programmatic buying means that
Quinntessential Media sets out criteria to
target an ideal consumer (supporter) across
multiple sites, apps or OTT networks.
  • Banner Ads (desktop, mobile, tablet)
  • Pre-Roll Video (desktop, mobile, tablet, Smart TV)
  • Native Ad ( mobile and tablet apps) looks like it is
    part of the app
  • Cardlytics ads served to banking customers
    (desktop, mobile, tablet)
Online networks (accessed via desktop, mobile,
tablet) that allow the creating and sharing of
information via virtual communities across the

Organic content –content created by users that is
disseminated across social networking platforms
at no cost.

Paid Content –contentment created by users
designed to reach a specific audience to
encourage a desired response i.e. make a
donation or support a cause.

Quinntessential Media monitors social media
platforms with both organic posts and direct
response paid ads geared towards driving
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
What is Social Media?
It's because ThunderShot Studios is
production muscle for creative minds, a super
powered Emmy Award-winning team that
delivers better messaging in 30 seconds than
most people can all day long.  

Together, we tell your story and define your brand
in a way that will help you reach your audience and
get results.  

With one of the best production studios, one of the
biggest camera jib cranes, and tons of
post-production firepower, Our high-concept
commercials, short explainer videos, quick
biographies, animated infographics, event sizzle
reels, and motion-picture-level productions are all
designed with one goal in mind:  To make you
stand out and be remembered.
There’s a simple reason why
Quintessential Media partnered
with one of America’s best
video creators...
  • We Have a Deeper Well of In-House Expertise.
    Through collaboration with strategic partners -
    who have diverse and specialized skill sets-
    gives us a significantly higher level of expertise
    than your organization may have in-house.

  • We Are Not Under Any Internal Pressure to
    “Sell You" on a Specific Kind of Media.

  • We Can Be More Objective When Planning a
    Media Mix and will make the best possible
    decisions based on your goals, expectations,
    and budget.
Broadcast Television is the medium for branding
and changing behavior. Broadcast television
reaches 93% of the adult population every day. No
other medium can claim this kind
of influence but Television is no longer a solitary
screen standing in the center of the living room.
Cable Television reaches only about 1% of the
audience that broadcast stations deliver and
seldom garners enough audience share to even
show up in individual Nielsen Ratings’ surveys.
For a  campaign to be successful, the ads/PSAs
would have to be placed on a national level. Like
Radio, Cable TV can be good for frequency, but it  
should never be used for reach.
Digital Media is the wave of the future; and the
future is now. Search engines have replaced the
Yellow Pages and Social Media has become the
new “word of mouth" advertising. Television is
viewed on 4 different screens. In the Digital Age,
the key challenge is to decide which media mix
and messaging strategy will provide
maximum impact.